Safe Communities Team

Question 1 group meeting for the first time
The initial focus of the Safe Communities Team has been to clarify what is meant by sanctuary and safe zones for our community of Ames. Team members have researched Sanctuary Cities, Welcoming Cities, and Safe Communities, and they have examined these in the context of a recent resolution passed by the Ames City Council. Along with that, the team is working on designing and distributing as broadly as possible a sign or symbol that represents Ames as a Safe Community.

For public updates from the Safe Communities Team, please see the blog category Safe Communities.

Cultural (il)literacy: What modern America needs to know

This 7 minute TEDx University of Nevada talk was published on February 5, 2005. Dr. Reginald Stewart, is now the VP for Diversity and Inclusion at Iowa State University.

“Cultural (il) literacy is a lack of understanding and knowledge of the history, politics, social norms, value systems, belief systems of cultures other than our own. Reg Stewart encourages all of us do our part to eradicate this ignorance.”